CoffeeChocolate Bag Case

12.00 USD

Bag for Sky Blue Bags made of 100% strong, resistant and safe natural leather, ideal for always keeping the bags close at hand for you to collect your pet's feces.

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CafeChocolate dog bag case made of 100% strong, resistant and safe natural leather, ideal for always keeping the bags at hand for you to collect your pet's feces.

With zipper on the back that allows you to store the bags more easily.

In the front it has a circular hole that will allow you to remove the bags one by one.

You can walk your pet with the peace of mind of always having a bag on hand to dispose of your dog's waste since our bag for bags is discreet and easy to carry.

The minimalist design of the CafeChocolate Dog Bag Case makes it stand out in spaces, and even be an element of conversation.

Buy Colombian, buy culture, buy entrepreneurship, in the LADRA ecommerce.

LADRA has a minimalist design in its products, for whoever stands out is your pet, but with this luxury accessory it does not go unnoticed.

We always seek to generate impact, minimalism, comfort and safety in all our products.

You can buy it safely in our online store. We receive all the cards and ship all over the world.

We are a proudly Colombian online store, with Colombian design, manufacture and responsibility.

NOTE: Our products are manufactured by artisans and the hardware may vary slightly in terms of shape or intensity of finish.


Here you will find the recommendations and cares that you can put into practice to extend the useful life of the bag dispenser case for your dog made of leather and that you can find in LADRA in our online store

Washing should be done dry and you should always avoid scratches.

You can clean the bag with a dry or slightly damp cloth to remove dust and dirt, it is better to clean it frequently and avoid accumulating a lot of dust or dirt, since its color can change. Don't use bleach.

You should let it dry in the open air, as excess moisture can injure it. Reason why under no circumstances should you immerse the bag in water to be cleaned or wash it in washing machines.

Try to keep it away from rough surfaces that can scratch it and away from sharp objects that can cause irreparable damage.

If it rains you just have to dry it with a white cotton cloth. Do not use the dryer.


Be especially careful with alcohol, be it a perfume or drink, since if a drop falls on the strap it can stain it.


It is advisable to hydrate it once or twice a year so that the leather does not spoil. Use a product indicated for it.






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