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Pet bed made of black eco-leather with viscoelastic foam that thanks to its "hugging effect" gives your pet an unbeatable feeling of comfort.

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DARK BLUE NUDE BED for Pets in Black EcoLeather is made with memory foam, it gives your dog more comfort by not generating pressure points helping him to a better rest.

In addition, it reacts with body temperature, so it molds to the contour in a very natural way.

It has the property of resilience, that is, the dark blue nude bed, when the dog gets up from the mattress, it gradually recovers its original shape, since it cools down and there is nothing to press it, and it does not deform.

LADRA has a minimalist design in its products, for whoever stands out is your pet, but with this luxury accessory it does not go unnoticed.
We always seek to generate impact, minimalism, comfort and safety in all our products.
You can buy it safely in our online store. We receive all the cards and ship all over the world.

talla cama para perro

You can select the perfect bed for your pet by verifying the measurements that appear in the image.

To complement your pet's bed we have available a pillow that you find in our online store www.ladra.com.co ; combina a la perfección con el diseño de la cama y le brinda la posibilidad de sentirse como en casa en cualquier lugar. La puedes conseguir dando click aquí


To optimize the use of the bed for your pet that you find in LADRA in our virtual store www.ladra.com.co We leave you some recommendations so that you can put them into practice and your pet will enjoy his bed much longer.

Clean the eco-leather by moistening a cloth with warm water and a little mild soap. Rub gently in a circular motion. Don't use a lot of water. Go drying with a washcloth, then rinse the cloth and remove the soap. Don't use bleach.

You should let it dry in the open air, as excess moisture can injure it. Reason why under no circumstances should you immerse the bed in water to be cleaned or wash it in washing machines.

Try to keep it away from rough surfaces that can scratch it and away from sharp objects that can cause irreparable damage.

Shovel clean the foam:

  • Avoid using strong detergents.
  • Don't get the surface too wet.
  • Dry the foam completely before putting on your cover. At least 12 to 24 hours. If you put them before you can stimulate the growth of mold.
  • No uses la almohada estando húmeda, podrías estropearla.
  • Try to keep it away from rough surfaces that can scratch it and away from sharp objects that can cause irreparable damage.

NOTE: Our products are manufactured by artisans and the hardware may vary slightly in terms of shape or intensity of finish.


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